Leaders from diverse groups are still grossly underrepresented
in senior roles

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Unlock your leadership potential.


Be more aware of how you show up


Feel more confident about your own leadership capacities

Authenticity & vulnerability

Feel more open and willing to be vulnerable at work


Feel seen and understood about your experience as an underrepresented leader


Embrace yourself and accept who you are in your own self


Feel empowered to take action about your career and leadership development


Feel connected to other like-minded leaders who share your experience

Sense of purpose

Feel more clarity around your values and sense of purpose


Feel empowered and compelled to be change makers, advocates, and role models in your community

The Core Program

An intensive experience that will transform your mindset within 6-12 weeks.

Small peer group of 10-15 leaders in each coaching circle

An Accountability Partner keeps you in check -between sessions

Access to all events with guest speakers, mentors, workshops, community events, etc

Private Slack community to connect with peers and mentors

Program 1: Emerging Leaders

For leaders with 5-10 years of experience

Manager, Senior Manager, or Director


Weekly 100 minute live Zoom sessions.
6 sessions over 1.5 months

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Program 2: Senior Leaders

For leaders with 10+ years of experience

Director, Senior Director, VP, SVP, Founders


Bi-weekly 120 minute live Zoom sessions.
6 sessions over 3 months

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Want more? Join our Membership program

Have you already gone through the Core Program, or do you simply want more support? Join Membership to get ongoing support for 6-12 months. Learn more below.


Monthly coaching circle helps you face everyday challenges. Participants bring real challenges that emerge that month for live coaching and peer coaching.

2 hour group coaching sessions

Get matched to a group based on experience, background, roles, seniority, and goals.

Access to all events including Guest speaker talks, mentor workshops, and community events.

Access to discounted 1:1 executive coaching

Join our private Slack community to connect with peers and mentors

Get ongoing support for your growth and new challenges for 6-12 months.

$300 per month
$3000 per year (12 sessions)

$500 per month
$5000 per year (24 sessions)

Most participants join the Core Program first to dive deep into leadership transformation, then join the Membership as ongoing support. However, we also accept applications to bypass the Core program to join Membership if you’ve done extensive transformational development work.

Apply to the Core Program

An intensive experience that will transform your mindset within 6-12 weeks.

Apply to the Core Program

Join Membership

If you’ve already gone through the Core Program or just want more coaching, join Membership to get ongoing support for 6-12 months.

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How does it work?

1. Apply

We have limited capacity and can only accommodate a limited number of participants. We review applications on a rolling basis for the next cohort starting January/February 2021. Apply early.

2. Interview

If we think there might be a fit, you’ll be invited to interview with a member of our team to understand your goals and experiences. You can also ask us questions to make an informed decision.

3. Get matched to a group

During the admission process, we consider many factors to match you with a high quality group of peers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

4. Join weekly/bi-weekly coaching circles

Depending on your program, you’ll join weekly or bi-weekly coaching circles led by a Master Executive Coach. You’ll also work with your accountability partner in between sessions to apply learnings to your daily life.

5. Attend optional workshops

We’ll hold fireside chats, panel discussions, and community events throughout the year. As a participant, you have access to all the public and private events we host during your program period.

6. Gain lifetime access to our alumni community

Gain lifetime access to our alumni community, including special invitations to alumni workshops, fireside chats, networking events, etc.

7. Join our membership program

After you complete the core program, you can choose to join the Membership program which includes monthly or bi-weekly coaching circles, all public and private events, and optional 1:1 coaching to continue and deepen your learning.

Ceiling Breakers


Virtual Learning



Small group of 10-15

Often large groups of hundreds


Live zoom sessions

Typically pre-recorded


Focus on cultivating leadership
capacity and resources

Focus on building skills through new theories and frameworks

Greater focus on making meaning of and healing the past

Coach acts as a guide, with active participation to generate insights

Teacher imparts knowledge and skills. Participants are more passive

Therapist and client engaged in active conversation

Topics defined by group & coach, but everyone has opportunity to shape conversation, and support is given to apply lessons & insights

Topics and agenda defined by teacher. Participant largely left to find ways to apply knowledge

Highly personalised agenda and practices driven by client’s priority needs

More questions?

If you have more questions about how Ceiling Breakers works, please let us know!


Who is this program NOT for?


We would not recommend Ceiling Breakers if

  • You’re early career professionals with under 5 years of experience

  • You don’t self-identify as from an underrepresented group

  • You're not interested in self-discovery and in-depth personal work. You're looking for quick-fixes rather than sustainable solutions which go beyond addressing symptoms

  • You have not done any self-discovery or development work - we assume that you have experience and interest in learning more about yourself and are ready to challenge long-held mindsets and behaviours

  • You are in a state of high stress or feel mentally / physically / emotionally depleted. We recommend you prioritize self-care and seek the support you need first -  we don’t plan to go anywhere.  You will get more out of the program if you have the space to invest 3-5 hours every two weeks.

What is the application process?

  • Tell us about yourself through our online application form.  The reason why we ask a number of reflective questions is to you step consciously into a leadership development conversation with yourself, and to help us get to know you and your needs better

  • Before being accepted to the program, you will have a short call with us to align on whether your chosen program is a good fit

  • Once being accepted and making the payment, you will gain access to our private Slack channels (including one for your cohort) and receive program details

Is it online or in-person?


All our programs are held online in a live format. Some of the advantages we have found for this format include:

  • Greater diversity of participants and coaches.  We not only have participants and coaches from different states of America, we also have representation from overseas

  • Greater flexibility - you can attend even when you are travelling for work/pleasure

  • Sustained sense of community and intimacy because all sessions are real-time

When are the sessions?

Sessions are typically on weekdays and may happen during working hours. We suggest you let your team and leaders know your commitment to the program so you can block the time to attend all sessions.

Can everyone get in?

Ceiling Breakers is competitive. We have very limited capacity for the small groups we run. We recommend you apply early.

What is the time commitment?

With live coaching, accountability partner exercises, journaling and reflections, as well as community events, we recommend 3-5 hours every two weeks throughout the program duration.

Executive coaches are expensive. How do you make it work?

We are all coaches who care about diversity, equity, and inclusion. With a group format, we’re making executive coaching accessible to people who historically may not have access.

Why are we doing this?


We are a group of people of color, women, immigrants, technologists, and executive coaches. In our careers, we fell, got up, and learned the hard way.  We have held executive and senior roles and have positively impacted teams and organisations.

But so often we felt like misfits - alone in the way we look, the views we held or in identities we hold dear. Looking back, we wish we could have shifted our self-limiting beliefs earlier in our careers. We regret that we tried so hard to fit in instead of leading with our strengths and uniqueness. We yearned for community with others who could relate to our experiences and who could challenge, support and inspire us. And today, we feel frustrated and angry that emerging talent communities continue to have unequal access to the mentorship, sponsorship, and development opportunities to break metaphorical “ceilings”.  

Project Ceiling Breakers is our offering to the world to address some of these missed opportunities.  This offering not only plays to our passions, but is grounded in our strengths and lived experiences. Our ultimate wish is to help you be at your best, and lead to the ripple effect of cultivating more just, creative, innovative and inclusive organizations and societies.  

Learn more about our story.

What people are saying about us

Being in a space with other members has been a terrific experience - to know that we're all navigating common themes in our own way has been incredibly powerful. The fact that we're able to be open with a group of like-minded, inspiring, and curious peers is both challenging and enriching.  It is the perfect format to learn the tools necessary to propel ourselves forward.

Cofounder, Attentive

I value so many things about the program: Anjani's coaching and wisdom.  How she led the discussions with compassion and insight to create a safe space.  How everyone participated with a willingness to be open and vulnerable, and support each other in the hard conversations.  How Holly brought together this diverse group, yet we had so many commonalities and challenges to learn from each other. The people, period. The people made all the difference.

SVP Product, SmartNews

During the past 3 months I had the immense privilege to join a dynamic group of leaders and embarked on a self discovering journey unlike anything I have ever done before. We engaged in tough and thorough discussions about our leadership style, how we sabotage ourselves, and ultimately how we can transcend these limits with introspective techniques to allow our true self to emerge. The sessions were full of knowledge and fact based theories, but above all, created a space for safe and frank discussions. This allowed our vulnerability to be our best asset in helping us dive deeper into these topics. Anjani, our facilitator, was an unparalleled gem whose knowledge and frankness was the perfect mix to challenge all of us. She did not hold any punches and allowed us to be our authentic selves and truly raised the bar in what you would expect in a leadership training

Senior Director, Head of Operations, Papaya

The program has brought immediate benefits in how to artfully approach and resolve challenges as a leader and executive in a fast growing company. It allowed me to reflect and take action in my professional journey with incredible results. If you happen to be a first generation trailblazer, this type of program is absolutely necessary to achieve new levels of success.

Director, Partnership Operations, Viz.ai

I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in such a profoundly eye-opening experience alongside leaders from different walks of life. I've had coaching before, but this is next level. The sessions were rooted in openness and vulnerability, and Anjani provided thought-provoking exercises and methods to help us get closer to the person we strive to be. As I continue to build my company, I feel even more prepared to handle any kind of uncertainty and challenge that comes my way.

Founder, Stand

Ceiling Breakers was transformative: it drove me to confront a disconnect between who I am and how I show up at work. I'm now more aware of how I've been covering parts of my core identity to navigate the Western rules of the game and prove my professional worth – as a 1.5G Asian immigrant with few relatable role models in the US. My main takeaway from the program: I want to grow as an authentic, self-assured leader who helps others aspire while staying true to who they are.

Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

The high caliber of my peers in this program inspired me to really dial into my particular strengths with focus. The dedicated one-on-one sessions with a learning partner were invaluable for practicing the exercises covered in the main sessions. This helped me access additional personal capacity to reflect in a way that felt safe and comfortable while staying accountable to someone I came to trust deeply. Holly and Anjani built a program that helped me see my power in the clear light of day.

Head of Marketing, Viable

We are all going through similar struggles and it's been comforting to know that I am not alone. I know that I will walk away with tools that will allow me to view, manage and handle scenarios differently with more insight and structure.

Director, Workplace and
Employee Experience, Figma

It's not an overnight fix. It takes effort, patience, time, and understanding to reprogram and reshape the mindset. But there's so much that could be done to really see things in a better and more positive light. It'll result in more confidence, less stress, and more success in all types of facets e.g. working with people, communicating with my friends and family, etc.

Head of Growth, Swing Education