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Break the ceiling. Claim your seat at the leadership table.

Group Leadership Coaching and Community Building for leaders from diverse backgrounds: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), women, immigrants, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented groups.

Spring 2024 cohort application is now open.
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please apply early.

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When leaders from underrepresented communities have access to executive leadership development, the world has more conscious and powerful leaders, innovative organizations, and we collectively have a more socially just world.

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Why Group Leadership Coaching?

Dive deep into your blindspots

and change self-limiting mindsets. Transform your relationships with yourself, people in your professional and personal life, and the world.

Build your awareness + confidence

Experiential learning that incorporates key leadership development frameworks, emotional intelligence, depth work, and practical actions to build your awareness, confidence, and skills to lead teams and organizations.

Learn fundamental authentic leadership skills

Fundamentally challenge the status quo. Learn the tools to better understand and articulate who you are, who you wish to become, and how you're going to get there.

Grow with a community

Grow together with people who’ve been through similar challenges and understand your pains, who will have your back and support you on this journey.

Grow with a community of diverse leaders with guidance from seasoned executive coaches

• 3-month group leadership coaching circle
• Bi-weekly two-hour live Zoom sessions + Peer work
• Support by mentors, events, and Slack community

Exceptional Peer Group

Build deep relationships with other leaders who will remain friends, advisors and sounding boards long after the program ends.

You’ll be matched with a cohort of hand-picked leaders based on your experience, background, and goals.

  • Join peers who ‘get you’ in ways you don’t typically experience in heterogeneous professional groups

  • Find others who are as committed to your learning as to their own

  • Be part of a community that shares authentically and vulnerably, where we challenge ourselves and each other with care and candor

Executive Coaches

Be guided by top-notch executive coaches who guide your leadership journey with incredible insight and depth. They do this by sparking inquiry, holding space, and raising the mirror, all while challenging and supporting you with love and respect. Our coaches:

  • Know what it takes to succeed as leaders - coaches have >15 years in start-ups and top public and private sector organizations, in senior and executive roles

  • Are highly skilled, typically working with C-suite executives and command thousands of dollars per session

  • Focus on development - not just building new skills.  They "teach you to fish" and are masterful at getting to the root of challenges and opportunities

Transformational impact

Accelerate your career and personal growth by recognizing and shifting your self-limiting mindsets and unleashing your full potential as a leader.

  • Go through a journey of self-discovery, deep connection, and empowerment together with your peer cohort

  • Changes are never easy, but you will emerge as a more powerful and conscious leader with clarity and purpose

  • Enhance your learning with mentors, guest events, and a private Slack community

Our Team

Holly Chen

Growth Advisor

Growth and Marketing advisor, Co-Active Coach. Former Global Head of Digital Marketing at Slack, Head of Growth at Google Store, Head of Google B2B Website Strategy, Strategy Consultant at Deloitte Consulting. Coach trained at CTI, Evolution and ORSC.

Anjani Bhargava

Growth Advisor

20 years transforming organizations and leaders at Slack, AMD, Xerox, Capsilon, Radiology Partners, and VC and PE firms. Leadership roles at Motorola, Pepsi and Lenovo, CHRO for Topco, Chief Talent and Organization Development Officer for Abundant Venture Partners. Active investor.

Grace Ho

Growth Advisor

11 years at McKinsey & Co helping clients and the firm through large transformations. Head of Diversity and Inclusion for McKinsey Asia, coach and leadership facilitator for managers through to C-suite leaders. Wharton MBA graduate and a certified coach through New Ventures West.

More about us

What people are saying about us

Being in a space with other members has been a terrific experience - to know that we're all navigating common themes in our own way has been incredibly powerful. The fact that we're able to be open with a group of like-minded, inspiring, and curious peers is both challenging and enriching.  It is the perfect format to learn the tools necessary to propel ourselves forward. 

Cofounder, Attentive

I value so many things about the program: Anjani's coaching and wisdom. How she led the discussions with compassion and insight to create a safe space. How everyone participated with a willingness to be open and vulnerable, and support each other in the hard conversations. How Holly brought together this diverse group, yet we had so many commonalities and challenges to learn from each other. The people, period. The people made all the difference.

SVP Product, SmartNews

I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in such a profoundly eye-opening experience alongside leaders from different walks of life. I've had coaching before, but this is next level. The sessions were rooted in openness and vulnerability, and Anjani provided thought-provoking exercises and methods to help us get closer to the person we strive to be. As I continue to build my company, I feel even more prepared to handle any kind of uncertainty and challenge that comes my way.

Founder, Stand

I've been a part of a number of coaching and mentoring programs over the years focused on career development. I've been in countless sessions convincing women and people of color that they should negotiate their salaries, or speak up in meetings. This program isn't about that. Ceiling Breakers goes to the core of how your identity and past experiences shapes the leader you can become. Holly and Grace force you to dig deep into your values, beliefs, experiences, and habits. I've learned more about myself during this program than any other -- and I'm so grateful for the experience. 

Director of Growth, Remix Software

During the past 3 months I had the immense privilege to join a dynamic group of leaders and embarked on a self discovering journey unlike anything I have ever done before. We engaged in tough and thorough discussions about our leadership style, how we sabotage ourselves, and ultimately how we can transcend these limits with introspective techniques to allow our true self to emerge. The sessions were full of knowledge and fact based theories, but above all, created a space for safe and frank discussions. This allowed our vulnerability to be our best asset in helping us dive deeper into these topics. Anjani, our facilitator, was an unparalleled gem whose knowledge and frankness was the perfect mix to challenge all of us. She did not hold any punches and allowed us to be our authentic selves and truly raised the bar in what you would expect in a leadership training

Senior Director, Head of Operations, Papaya

Ceiling Breakers was transformative: it drove me to confront a disconnect between who I am and how I show up at work. I'm now more aware of how I've been covering parts of my core identity to navigate the Western rules of the game and prove my professional worth – as a 1.5G Asian immigrant with few relatable role models in the US. My main takeaway from the program: I want to grow as an authentic, self-assured leader who helps others aspire while staying true to who they are.

Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

The high caliber of my peers in this program inspired me to really dial into my particular strengths with focus. The dedicated one-on-one sessions with a learning partner were invaluable for practicing the exercises covered in the main sessions. This helped me access additional personal capacity to reflect in a way that felt safe and comfortable while staying accountable to someone I came to trust deeply. Holly and Anjani built a program that helped me see my power in the clear light of day.

Head of Marketing, Viable Fit

The program has brought immediate benefits in how to artfully approach and resolve challenges as a leader and executive in a fast growing company. It allowed me to reflect and take action in my professional journey with incredible results. If you happen to be a first generation trailblazer, this type of program is absolutely necessary to achieve new levels of success.

Director, Partnership Operations, Viz.ai

We are all going through similar struggles and it's been comforting to know that I am not alone. I know that I will walk away with tools that will allow me to view, manage and handle scenarios differently with more insight and structure.

Director, Workplace and Employee Experience, Figma

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