Due Diligence Questionnaire and Diversity Metrics Template


📝 Due Diligence Questionnaire and Diversity Metrics Template

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

That’s why one of the most important steps companies can take to boost their DEI efforts is to track the hiring and promotion of diverse candidates.

And it’s why investors interested in promoting diversity have standardized key areas of inquiry in their diligence of managers, providing a framework for ongoing monitoring and progress related to DEI.

Here are some key factors to note about this template and questionnaire:

🔹 It was developed specifically with private equity managers and strategies in mind, but it may also provide a useful starting point for managers in other industries such as venture capital and technology.

Interested in taking a look at this due diligence questionnaire and diversity metrics template? Check it out here:

Photo by Eelco Böhtlingk on Unsplash

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